Industrial Inspections

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Inspections for Oil & Gas, Power and Construction Companies

We empower large industrial companies and job sites to optimize their resources, improve their productivity, and ensure safety by offering comprehensive drone solutions.

Inspections are conducted using custom built Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicles (Drones) crafted specifically for aerial inspections and surveys. Whether it’s a close visual inspection of a live flare stack, trusses of silo, live transmission tower or topographic survey from the air.

We do -

  • Inspections
  • Emergency Response Drones
  • Project Status Tracking
  • Encroachment Tracking
  • Volumetric Calculations
  • Surveying

Industries that use our services –
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction
  • Railways
  • Ports
  • Power & Utilities

Drones built to get the job done –
  • Customized per our client’s requirement. For example – drones built for refinery inspections in Gujarat can withstand windspeeds of 45 kmph
  • Highest safety with 5 Levels of Failsafe ensures that drones don’t crash in highly inflammable and hazardous areas
  • Best in class Video and Data analytics to provide actionable insights on the massive aerial information collected
  • Trained and certified pilots
  • Live video over internet/live notifications
  • 50X optical zoom allows you to see the tiniest of cracks even from a height of 100 meters
  • Target tracking and chasing

Site supervisors receive comprehensive, actionable, dynamic hover and zoom reports at the end of each inspection.